You Are Special- Friday Fictioneers


She woke up to the aroma of cheese filling the house. She looked for Ayaan but he was not beside her on the bed.
She followed the aroma to the kitchen.

“What are you doing up so early?”

“Hey sweetheart good morning, how are you doing today?”

“ Yeah! Answer the question first.”

“Today you are not allowed to enter the kitchen my lady. I’m here to serve you.”

“And why is that so?”

Beep Beep. Ayaan took the pizza out from the microwave.

“Happy Women’s Day love, you might forget how special you are but I won’t ever.”


(99 words)

This was written as part of the Friday Fictioners which is run and organised by Rochelle.If you’d like to participate, visit here.

P.S- I haven’t been able to post anything for a long time I’m sorry for that. My grandma passed away on 31st march 2017 and we miss her so much. This is for her and all the love she showered on our family. May she rest in peace.

I owe it to him – Friday Fictioneers


My father had always dreamt of building a boat but his obsession of drinking killed him with hepatic cancer before he could gather enough funds.
I do not blame him. After my mother died and I moved to a different city for my post graduation, alcohol was his soul companion.

That day I was at our home and I found out a layout for the boat that my father had designed.
My wife Mary thought it was a bad idea to leave my job and devote my time in building a boat.

But I owe it to him.


This is written for Rochelle Wisoff-Field’s Friday Fictioneers challenge based on this photo by Fatima Fakier Deria.

Chained-Friday Fictioneers

To fraternize with people was never my cup of tea. I lay on the bed. They had tied my hands and legs. The effect of tranquilizers was vanishing. Sweat dripped from my face and my body shivered. If only I could get that white powder which makes me drift to my never land where I am not a social threat, where I am not psychotic.

I wonder how was world outside the rehab doing but they won’t let me go outside the gates and see for myself. So I closed my eyes and tried dozing off again. 

(97 words)


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They know me and I know them- Friday Fictioneers

jennifer-pendergast5 (1)

I was returning back to my home after 20 years.This was the place I grew up in. I was driving by the park and I saw the giant wheel around which me and my friends loved to play. It titillated me that it was still there though time had taken its toll on it too.

I stopped my car,went near it and felt it under my hands. I realised some things never change or may be memories play a part in keeping everything alive. This is my wheel,my park, my birth place, my home. They know me and I know them.

(100 words)

This is for Friday Fictioneers. Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for running the challenge and Jennifer Pendergast for providing the prompt photo!


It’s a summer thing- Thursday Photo Prompt


It is a starry night and we walk hand in hand on the beach. I steal a glance at her realizing that from tomorrow I won’t be seeing that child like innocent face, that smile so mesmerizing that even heaven couldn’t match it’s beauty, those eyes which say everything tacit, those hair I can spend my life running my fingers through them.


“Nothing just looking at you”

Her cheeks turn red and she hits me playfully on my arm.

“Why can’t we call each other or share mails or letters or I can come to your place, whatever you like? Please don’t do this I don’t want to ruin something so beautiful. We are perfect together”

“Because if we are meant to be together then we will meet next year at the same place looking for each other and if you don’t show up or I don’t we both will know this was just a summer fling”

“You are complicated and this is not fair”


It’s been a year and I saunter at the same place looking for her, praying to all the Gods I know that it was not a fling and that it meant the same to her as it did to me.

After hours of strolling and losing all hopes I finally found her. My eyes shine and my lips curve into a smile. I haven’t been this happy in a long time. She runs towards me and I take my home in my arms.


Written for  Thursday photo prompt – Horizon #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt – Horizon #writephoto

(Starry night landscape a magnum opus by Vincent Van Gogh) 

P.S- Please read and share your thoughts. Feel free to point out any mistakes.


photo-20170306154630013“Have you ever felt so passionate about something that it doesn’t let you sleep? Every time you talk about it your eyes have that shine like you came into this world for doing only that. Like it’s the soul purpose of your existence?”

“You know what Crystal? Sometimes I just don’t get you.You sound so dreamy.It’s like you live in some metaphorical world.”

Crystal kept staring at the piano like it was her lost love which she got back after a decade of wait.

She knew even her mom could never understand her love for music and how it took her to her neverland.

Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Thank you Mike Vore for this photo prompt. 

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New Comer – FFftAW

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“Oh what the fuck Luci not again, I just cleaned the floor.”


“Oh don’t you moo at me now. Don’t you dare moo at me”

Sophie cleaned the ranch again. She hated working there but this was her family. After her parents died in a car accident this was all she was left with.

Last year she met a guy named Julio but it didn’t work out as she found out that he was married and was a notorious philanderer. Unlike humans animals understood her. They never hurt her.

She was feeding the horses when she heard the door of the ranch screeching open.

She turned and looked at a very handsome man entering with a German Shepherd.

“Hello I’m new here. Is it possible for you to keep my dog for few hours as I go searching for a job.” –man said in a foreign accent.

Sophie instantly started judging him. She tried her best to put her guards on but his looks, Oh his looks and that accent was driving her crazy.







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