New Comer – FFftAW

Thank you so much Priceless Joy for hosting Flash Fiction for the Aspiring Writers.Read my story and please share your thoughts about it in the comment section.

P.S- Feel free to point out any mistake and help me improve.



“Oh what the fuck Luci not again, I just cleaned the floor.”


“Oh don’t you moo at me now. Don’t you dare moo at me”

Sophie cleaned the ranch again. She hated working there but this was her family. After her parents died in a car accident this was all she was left with.

Last year she met a guy named Julio but it didn’t work out as she found out that he was married and was a notorious philanderer. Unlike humans animals understood her. They never hurt her.

She was feeding the horses when she heard the door of the ranch screeching open.

She turned and looked at a very handsome man entering with a German Shepherd.

“Hello I’m new here. Is it possible for you to keep my dog for few hours as I go searching for a job.” –man said in a foreign accent.

Sophie instantly started judging him. She tried her best to put her guards on but his looks, Oh his looks and that accent was driving her crazy.








11 thoughts on “New Comer – FFftAW

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  1. I enjoyed the images that you created with this story. But I might have been tempted to us a different word to [screeching]. But thats just me.


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