photo-20170306154630013“Have you ever felt so passionate about something that it doesn’t let you sleep? Every time you talk about it your eyes have that shine like you came into this world for doing only that. Like it’s the soul purpose of your existence?”

“You know what Crystal? Sometimes I just don’t get you.You sound so dreamy.It’s like you live in some metaphorical world.”

Crystal kept staring at the piano like it was her lost love which she got back after a decade of wait.

She knew even her mom could never understand her love for music and how it took her to her neverland.

Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Thank you Mike Vore for this photo prompt. 

P.S – Please read my story and share your thoughts in the comment section. Feel free to point out any mistake and help me improve. 

11 thoughts on “Passion-FFfAW

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  1. Wonderful story! How sad for Crystal that her mother cannot understand her love for music especially since she has so much passion for it. I hope Crystal can obtain her dream. Welcome to the FFfAW challenge! We are happy you have joined us!

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