Chained-Friday Fictioneers

To fraternize with people was never my cup of tea. I lay on the bed. They had tied my hands and legs. The effect of tranquilizers was vanishing. Sweat dripped from my face and my body shivered. If only I could get that white powder which makes me drift to my never land where I am not a social threat, where I am not psychotic.

I wonder how was world outside the rehab doing but they won’t let me go outside the gates and see for myself. So I closed my eyes and tried dozing off again. 

(97 words)


Thanks to Rochelle at Friday Fictioneers for hosting. If you’d like to participate, visit here.

P.S – Please Read my take on the prompt and comment your views. 


28 thoughts on “Chained-Friday Fictioneers

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  1. Interesting take on the prompt, to imagine who might be locked inside, and what they are going through. A very different kind of horror story than so many other stories this week, but horrible nonetheless.

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