Liebster Blog Award

Hello, everyone!
I’ve been nominated for Liebster Blog Award by Shivam.I’m glad to be part of such an amazing idea to promote and support fellow bloggers on WordPress. He writes these amazing movie reviews and thinks that movies teach us a lot and I totally agree with him being a big movie geek.

Shivam asked these questions from all his nominees:

• What are you most proud of in life?

I am proud that I studied well and fulfilled my mother’s dream to see me as an independent girl. She is not very educated but a great mother and I love her a lot.

• For what in your life do you feel most grateful?

I am grateful for my family and friends who love a lot,encourage me and believe in me.

• Which is your favorite movie and why?

This is a very difficult question for me to answer but I’ll try.The Notebook and The Fault in our Stars are two of my most favorite movies as well as novels.The Notebook because it gives a hope to all of us that true love can be found and lasts till your last breath.The fault in our stars because no matter what is your age your weakness if a person falls in love with you he will be with you.I can say so much about them but I recommend you all to watch the movies but only after you read the novels because you can’t miss them!

• Where would you like to go if you have to go on a solo trip?

I would like to do a solo road trip to Ladakh on a bike.I wish I can do that someday.

• What is the ultimate goal of your life?

To be happy,to love and care and explore the world and do all the adventures possible. To live my life to the fullest.

• Which well-known personality, dead or alive, you relate to the most?

I guess Ranveer Singh. He is funny,crazy and childish just like me.


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